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Review: Aleratec 1:1 HDD PortaCruiser hard disk drive duplicator


When I first saw Aleratec’s 1:1 harddrive PortaCruiser I was totally in awe. I thought, damn, if I had this thing back in the day I would have been the shop wizard in no time. My first impressions were that it was portable, so hey, were Mobile so we can definitely check it out. And it is portable, lightweight, and doesn’t take much other than a standard power plug to get it running. It has multiple interfaces for either an IDE harddrive, SATA, even USB 2.0 and can make perfect copies of the drives from any, to any, of the multiple interfaces. Basically what once needed a computer to duplicate with, can now be done standalone with a tiny device that will fit in your gear bag.

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Aleratec 1:1 PortaCruiser clones SATA harddrives sector by sector


Just released this week, Aleratec’s 1:1 HDD PortaCruiser is a portable, lightweight external hard disk drive duplicator that allows you to easily clone a 2.5″ and 3.5″ SATA I/II hard disk drives for backing up. You can even clone from IDE to SATA or vice-versa. It includes a Dual Disk RAID Controller which allows for 2 drives to be hooked up simultaneously, connect it to your PC via USB and it becomes an external storage adapter. With support for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac 10.3+, and Linux, you will have most of your bases covered.

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