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Swann’s iPhone-Controlled Mini RC Helicopters Now Shipping (Video)


I know what you're thinking. This is going after much the same market as the Parrot AR Drone and that's probably true, except these aren't quadrocopters; they just have the two stacked rotors. There's apparently three different versions of the RC helis, two of which come with onboard cameras for recording both stills and videos.

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$50 R/C Helicopter Uses Accelerometer Glove for Controls


Realistically, since the remote control is really only using an accelerometer, it probably wouldn't be all that difficult to devise a smartphone app to do the same. In any case, this little flying machine gets about 10 minutes of flight time on a 20 minute charge. For $50, it will make a nice toy you can smash into the wall and collect the pieces up afterwards.  when it ships this May. A larger version will also sell for $100. For serious flyers, the E-flite blade mCPx heli is the way you wan't to go.

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Drone Copter For Texas Sheriff Can Be Weaponized Too


I really like R/C helicopters from a hobbyist's perspective, but you can see how useful they'd be for more practical purposes too. Drones are used all the time in a military context and now one sheriff's office in Texas is getting its own drone copter, complete with the ability to get weaponized.

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Use your iPhone to drive this R/C car up the wall (literally)


The car itself doesn't look terribly interesting, but it can actually attach itself to a vertical surface like your wall, the side of a building, or wherever else your imagination may lead you. It stays stuck via a sealed vacuum.

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