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Mercedes-Benz Plans to Use QR Code Stickers to Potentially Save Lives


Mercedes-Benz has something a bit different in mind for QR code stickers: saving lives by providing rescue plans for its vehicles.

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MIT NewsFlash Uses Light as Alternative to QR Codes


Whereas QR codes are effectively 2D barcodes that have to take up space on a page, NewsFlash is effectively invisible to the human eye. That's because it uses flashes of pink and green light that the human eye effectively averages out and does not see

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Virtual grocery shopping now at South Korean subway stations


After a long day at work, it’s never fun waiting for the subway. On top of that, sometimes you still have to go grocery shopping for dinner. In South Korea, where almost 50 million people live in a country a bit bigger than Indiana, grocery shopping can be a huge pain in the butt.

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Google Effectively Kills QR Codes for Good


You've seen them everywhere. Those weird 2D barcodes have made their way onto business cards, bus shelter advertisements, product packaging and into the newspaper. And now, the age of the QR code just might be coming to an end even before it ever really made any real mainstream impact. You can thank Google for that.

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YPrintIt app lets you ditch paper business cards


YPrintIt is a free app that lets you design and send digital business cards using QR codes. The app offers hundreds of templates.

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