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Android to get Qik video calls like FaceTime


Unlike FaceTime, which only (officially) works over a Wi-Fi connection, Qik says that you'll be able to use its video call service over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. The interface will be similar to FaceTime with a full screen of the person you're talking to, shoving you into a smaller window in the corner.

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Motorola Droid Does Qik at 720×480 Resolution


Qik is a pretty nifty service and it is available on the vast majority of smartphones, but it seems that the new Motorola Droid is the best candidate for the live-streaming service. Unlike other phones that get stuck with less than desirable resolutions, the Droid can do Qik at up to a widescreen DVD resolution. This isn’t quite the same ...

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iPhone Qik App Goes Live, Lacks Streaming Video

I’ve got some good news and some bad news for all the iPhone users in the audience. As if you didn’t already have enough apps to consider, the good news is that Qik is finally making its way over to the iPhone App Store. The bad news is that it’s missing its most important component. As you may already know, ...

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