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Holho: Change Your Smartphone Or Tablet Into A 3D projector (Video)


Holho converts your smartphone or tablet into a 3D projector.

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MWC 2012: Samsung Galaxy Beam Projector Phone Has “6GB RAM”


Samsung is expected to come out with a lot of exciting products at MWC 2012. But their newly unveiled Galaxy Beam handset might not impress you when it comes to the specs, although it has one trick up its sleeve. The device features a built-in pico projector.

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Velocity Micro Shine Is The ‘Smallest HD-Capable’ Projector


Most pocket projectors out there are not at all impressive, but it’s certainly a good thing that some picos are being brought out with improvements such as better picture quality. The latest micro-projector from Velocity Micro, the Shine Projector, is claimed by its makers to be the smallest HD-capable projector.

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The iPhone 4 Pocket Projector Accessory


The iPhone is a great smartphone, but when it comes to sharing information, pictures, and videos with others, the screen size can be very limiting. Luckily, there is a rather simple accessory that eliminates this problem.

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Review: AAXA P4 Pico Pocket Projector Embeds Windows CE


The AAXA P4 is being touted as the world's brightest battery-powered pico projector. There may be brighter, but they need external power sources. In the case of the P4, you get an impressive 80 lumen LED light engine to go along with that DLP projector. This gives you up to an 80-inch image, which is easily big enough for most boardrooms.

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CueLight makes regular billiards look like a digital video game


The CueLight makes your game of billiards a little more interesting. It sets up a digital projector above the table and it adds a series of visual effects to the game. For instance, each of the balls can be made to look like they are floating on water, complete with realistic ripples and waves when they move around on the table.

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Sceptre Luna MP3 Player Packs Pico Projector Too


They seem to be putting these pico projector things in all sorts of products these days. We've already seen them in digital cameras, for example, and now they're infiltrating the portable media player market too with the Sceptre Luna.

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Nikon DSLR patent shoves pico projector in the back


The world of DSLRs is largely dominated by the two juggernauts in the field: Nikon and Canon. Yes, there are definitely other alternatives, but these are the two biggest dogs in the yard. So, what can Nikon do to separate itself from Canon? How about a pico projector?

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Integrated Projectors for New HP Tablet and Notebook PC


We've already seen a cell phone with a projector, giving users the ability to share their small screen image on a bigger canvas. Now HP seems to be taking the same approach to its mobile computing solutions, making business presentations so much easier for the professional on the go.

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Casio’s XJ-A series portable projectors are sexy for the environment and your boardroom table


The XJ-S57 is smaller than a sheet of letter-sized paper easily fitting in a briefcase or laptop bag. It’s environmentally friendly being Merucury-free.

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Yinlips PMP Boasts Integrated 80-Inch Projector


It seems that integrated projectors will soon become all the rage. We’ve already seen their implementation in a digital camera and now it seems that a personal media player will be getting an integrated projector too, making it so much easier to share pictures and videos with the people around you. Yinlips is a manufacturer based out of Shenzhen in ...

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