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Pixel Qi Tablet Concept Is Powered by $3 Solar Panel


Pixel Qi, an American company that designs low-power laptop screens, showcased a tablet powered by a small solar panel at Computex Taipei 2011 in Taiwan this week. The panel generates 1W of energy, which is enough to power both the screen and the motherboard on a low-power tablet specially designed by Pixel Qi.

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Extensive hands-on videos with Notion Ink Adam tablet


The Android tablet market is set to explode in the next few months, thanks to the pending onslaught of Honeycomb tabs on the way, but the Notion Ink Adam is still getting a lot of attention.

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Real world videos of Notion Ink Adam tablet: Insane multitasking in action


The tablet world is really heating up, but it seems like the Notion Ink Adam tablet has been simmering on the back burner for far too long. When is this thing finally going to hit the market? We don't have the answer to that question just yet, but we have come across a real world demo video and, well, it's pretty hot.

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Multi-core slinging Adam Android tablet now set for 2011?

Adam Android tablet

Good news was announced by Notion Ink on their blog yesterday, the Adam tablet may finally be graduating from just an idea - to a real life physical product. Although, there is a small hitch, the rumored launch window has us waiting until early 2011.

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Pixel Qi’s Transflective LCD kills e-Ink


It’s just one screen with multiple modes - a bright full color LCD, reflective E-Ink black and white quality, and transflective LCD mode. That's pretty damn amazing if you ask me.

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