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Physics Nobel Prize Goes To Three Japanese Scientists


Nobel Prize in physics goes to three scientists who invented the blue LED.

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Cambridge University Calls For Chocolate Expert


University of Cambridge seeks chocolate expert.

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Water Covered Earth-Like Planet Discovered — Well, Sort Of


Scientists have found evidence of a water-rich Earth-like planet outside the solar system.

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Matter Which Behaves Like A Lightsaber


Physicists have created a new form of matter which behaves somewhat like a lightsaber.

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Cut the Rope: Time Travel Coming Soon (Video)


Zeptolabs has released a teaser trailer of their upcoming Cut the Rope: Time Travel game which will arrive sometime in the near future for both iOS and Android.

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Physicists create tiny supernova at Canadian university


Physicists from the University of Toronto and Rutgers University may be clinking champagne after successfully one-upping the lava lamp and creating a “supernova in a jar” last week. The emulation of an exploding white dwarf star – carried out through an iodate  arsenous acid reaction – may aid in understanding the size and evolution of the universe, wrote U of T ...

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