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OpenMobile ACL For webOS Coming In July


Phoenix International Communications is attempting to resurrect OpenMobile's ACL for webOS and they are looking for help via Kickstarter.

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NVIDIA Tegra 4i Phoenix Reference Phone (Video)


NVIDIA has shown off their Phoenix reference phone which is powered by the Tegra 4i. We have a hands-on video showing the graphics performance of the device.

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Notion Ink Adam II To Come With TI Processor And Android 4.0


The Adam 2 will be running Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich OS and will also feature TI’s Wi-Link 7.0 (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and FM transmit/receive in a single chipset) and Phoenix Audio Power Amplifiers, along with PowerVR SGX5xx GPU.

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Saab PhoeniX Concept Takes Flight with ‘Aeromotional’ Design


Personally, I'm not a fan of Saabs. The cars just seem to lack any personality with so many of them looking more like overpriced "Saab-arus" than having their own unique character. I guess they're trying to turn things around with the PhoeniX concept. See what they did there with the capital X? How edgy!

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