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New Apple Maps for iOS 6 vs. Google Maps Comparison


One of the many changes that you’ll find in iOS 6 is the departure away from Google Maps and toward Apple’s own Maps app based on OpenStreetMap data. So, which is better and how do they compare? The best way to determine that is to look at them side by side. You might already be familiar with the look and ...

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OpenStreetMap Gets Backed by Microsoft to Combat Google Maps


Now, it looks like OpenStreetMap has gained itself another big ally in its war against Google Maps. Microsoft is on board.

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Apple Switches from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap Data


As the war between iOS and Android rages on, it looks like Apple is slowly but surely moving away from Google services. The latest stab comes in the form of Apple abandoning Google Maps for the map-based features in the newest version of iPhoto.

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