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Virtual Girl Sweetie Has Led To A Pedophile Conviction For The First Time (Video)


Sweetie: a virtual ten-year-old girl created to track down pedophiles.

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HasWiFi checks if your flight has WiFi: Until all flights have WiFi


Going on a trip can be a lot of fun, but the flight there can be monotonously boring if you've already seen all the movies they make available. Sometimes an Internet connection to surf the web while you're thousands of feet in the air can quickly pass the time, and even let you get some work done

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Fido adds “Check Your Usage” to online account profiles


Fido Check Your UsageI remember reading some time back when that Rogers would be adding a utility to allow wireless customers access to their current usage, helping to ensure that they don't go over their monthly allotment. Then, they released an iPhone app to do the same. It seems that the pet dog is getting a similar service now.When I logged into my online Fido account this morning, I discovered a new banner in the "My Account" area. The banner, displaying a rather relaxed dog, told me that I could "view your usage for your minutes, data and messaging."

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