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AT&T Hands Over Foreign Call Logs to CIA for $10 Million Per Year


We've all heard by now how wireless carriers in the United States routinely hand over their phone records over to the federal government as part of the latter's counterterrorism investigations and efforts. What we didn't know is that these wireless carriers are being paid to pass that call data onto the CIA and other government agencies.

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Brazil Also Under NSA’s Radar


The NSA has allegedly been doing their spying works on Brazil for the past decade.

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Director of National Intelligence Defends PRISM and NSA


An official statement has been issued by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper regarding the "surveillance activities" performed by the NSA and the United States government.

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Obama: NSA Snooping on Phone Records is A-Okay


Big brother is watching you and he wants to know who you're calling, when you're calling and how long you're talking to this person. But he won't actually listen to your actual phone call.

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