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Nintendo Makes a Huge Move and Finally Enters Mobile Gaming Market


Wow, this one is huge in the Mobile gaming market. Nintendo has finally made the big move to enter and deliver mobile games and move to other handheld devices, that include smartphones and tablets. Nintendo is not a fast moving company, it resists change big time and while they have been a top leader in the portable video game market, they ...

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Nintendo 2DS Hands-On: A Better Look at the Device


Last week we somewhat were confused when we first reported on the Nintendo 2DS. The idea of a 3DS with no clamshell hinge and no 3D sounded pretty awful - and it didn't exactly look to great either. Now a new hands-on from Polygon should give us a better idea of what to expect from the 2DS.

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Nintendo Announces the 2DS, an Odd Shaped Cheaper Alternative to the 3DS


Nintendo is gearing up for the holiday season and wants to create an ultra cheap handheld to attract parents looking for a bargain. The solution? This goofy looking thing you see in the image above.

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Nintendo Wii U Gets Its First Major Update, Helps Improve Performance Lag

Wii U

Nintendo has now officially released its first major software update for its latest console, the Wii U.

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Wii U Controller Makes Its Way to Your PC


Ever had the urge to use a new Wii U controller for gaming and other activities on your PC? Developer and modder Chris Manning has bridged the gap and created software that makes it possible.

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Alabama Boy Gets Rocked with Nintendo 3DS Scam


You unravel the wrapping paper and discover it's a Nintendo 3DS! You're happier than the Nintendo 64 kid, until you actually open the box and discover that it's filled with rocks and tissue paper.

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Nintendo 3DS XL Gets 90% Bigger Screens for $199


The original Nintendo 3DS hasn't been quite as big a hit as Nintendo had hoped, so they're coming forward with a supersized version called the Nintendo 3DS XL.

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Nintendo 3DS XL Coming To The US On August 19th


In a world where mobile phone and tablet gaming is quickly becoming more and more popular, traditional handhelds continue to push on, even if their future isn't so clear right now with the growth of competition from devices like iPhones, Android devices and the iPad. At least for the foreseeable future though you will probably continue to see Nintendo do quite well- especially since they are popular among younger audiences that hopefully don't have or need a smartphone.

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Everything We Know About The Nintendo Wii U Tablet Controller


We thought cost could be an issue and we also thought battery life could be a problem. And now, Nintendo has confirmed our hesitations about the latter.

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Ubisoft Dev Leaks Juicy Wii U Details, Including Price and Date


Yes, I know. We always have to take rumors and leaks with a grain of salt, but we can't help but to jump all over what we just learned about the upcoming Nintendo Wii U console.

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Nintendo Network Now Official


For those of you who are wondering about that “Nintendo Network” logo which appeared on a dummy box for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, it’s certainly a reality and it has now become official. The Nintendo Network is the new name for the company’s online service on the 3DS and it will also be available on the Wii U after it arrives ...

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Nintendo Wii U App Store Has Apps For Touchscreen Controller Too


What's interesting is that the upcoming Nintendo Wii U could have an even bigger app store, including not only games for the console, but also apps for the tablet-like controller alone.

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Nintendo 3DS Update Adds 3D Video Recording


The 3DS has received a new update that allows video recording, what is interesting is that the video footage is actually in 3D. The update also allows recording in stop-motion mode.

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Hori 3DS Steering Wheel Stealing The Limelight


Nintendo’s Mario Kart 7 will be rolled out in December, but another video accessory maker is grabbing the limelight. Hori has just recently announced that it will be releasing a 3DS compatible steering wheel which is officially licensed by big N.

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D-pad on Nintendo 3DS prone to warping problems?


Uh oh. Having recently taken advantage of the early price drop at Costco, I'm particularly interested in these findings. As it turns out, the Nintendo 3DS may have some problems. The good news is that these problems aren't really related to the glasses-free 3D screen. Instead, they have to do with the age-old directional pad.

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