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Apple iOS overtakes Sony PSP in mobile gaming


Gaming purists scoffed when Apple enthusiasts proclaimed that the Apple iPhone and iPod touch were not only viable mobile gaming platforms, they said that they could be even more popular than conventional gaming handhelds. That claim has now come to fruition with the increasing popularity of Apple's iOS products.

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Nintendo DSi XL goes big in North America on March 28

Nintendo DS Family: Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL - Photo: Nintendo

The Nintendo DS family of gaming handhelds has gone through several different incarnations in its relatively short history. The original DS launched in 2004 and it was later updated with the Nintendo DS Lite and, more recently, with the Nintendo DSi. Well, a newer version is almost here and it almost points back to the original. You might remember hearing about the Nintendo DSi LL launched in Japan, offering a pair of 4.2-inch displays that are 93 percent larger than the screens on the Nintendo DS Lite.

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