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Nintendo DS Gets A Little Wappy Dog


If you're not sure if you can take care of a real pet, perhaps training with a virtual one would be a good start. Activision Publishing will launch Wappy Dog, a virtual pet game for handheld devices scheduled for release this holiday season.

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Future Nintendo DS, Sony PSP will have 3G


The next Sony PSP or Nintendo DS you buy may be fully equipped with 3G wireless capabilities, according to rumors surrounding Japan's largest mobile phone company. Whispering fairies say NTT DoCoMo is negotiating with both Nintendo and Sony, makers of the DS and PSP mobile gaming consoles, and that could only be for one very specific thing - to take mobile gaming to the next level of online multiplayer action. Connected anywhere, anytime, by 3G.

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Nintendo 3DS is the Nintendo DSi with a 3D display

Nintendo 3DS announced in Japan

It seems that the next generation of Nintendo handhelds are entering a whole new dimension and it could be much more innovative than that bigger-screened Nintendo DSi XL. That's because the Nintendo 3DS will feature a 3D display and you won't even need some goofy goggles to make use of it. This not just a rumor. Nintendo Japan has officially announced the Nintendo 3DS. If you're expecting Avatar-style 3D where the objects leap off the screen, you're going to be sorely disappointed. That's not the 3D you'll be getting here, from what I can tell.

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OCC hack turns Nintendo’s DS into a DSLR camera controller


Sure, the Nintendo DSi already has a couple of low-resolution cameras embedded in it, but not many the pictures taken from it are really worthy of your public portfolio. However, it turns out that you can use the DS to control your DSLR. The software, called the Open Camera Controller, was created by photographers at HDRLabs. The hacked DS software will work with Canon DSLR cameras, as well as cameras from Olympus and Sigma.

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REVIEW – Scribblenauts for Nintendo DS

REVIEW - Scribblenauts for Nintendo DS

Aside from some special apps and mini-games that are being offered as DSiWare, the Nintendo DSi has yet to receive any full retail launches with games of its own. I guess Nintendo still wants to capture those of us who own a regular Nintendo DS (Lite) and with games like ...

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