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LG Nexus Rumors Continue, Alleged Screenshots Surface


The LG Nexus rumor is one that seemingly won't go away. Does that mean it is true? Probably, but there are no guarantees until we have LG and Google confirmation. Today's LG Nexus gossip has to do with leaked photos of the alleged device.

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Is the Optimus G Also A Nexus Device?


There has been a lot of rumors about the next-gen Nexus smartphone of late. One camp claims that the rumored HTC phablet is going to be the next Nexus device.

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Google/Asustek Nexus To Be Unveiled At Google I/O?


Interested in getting your hands on a Google Nexus tablet? From the sounds of it, this dream is coming closer to a reality with the Google/Asustek jointly developed tablet set to officially be unveiled at the Google I/O developer event hosted from the 27th to 29th of June.

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Google Planning On Launching Several Contract-Free Nexus Options?


In order to get a little more control back, Google is reportedly planning to sell more contract-free “Nexus” branded devices in the near future.

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Could A Tegra 3 Nexus Tablet Be In The Works For Just $199?


How does a $200 Nexus tablet running a Tegra 3 processor sound to you? Pretty darn good, I'd wager. Is this really happening? Beyond rumor and speculation we really have no clue, but we do know that there has been plenty of rumors and discussion abound regarding a cheap Tegra 3 tablet at some point in the near future.

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Asus-Made Google Nexus Tablet Pegged at $149 Price Point


As it turns out, Google could be looking to be even more aggressive with its pricing for the Nexus Tablet, getting it down as low as $149. That significantly undercuts just about everyone else in the market

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White Nexus Coming To UK in February


A white Galaxy Nexus is hitting several retailers in the UK next month, including Clove and MobileFun. It’s an all-vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich this time around, but pricing remains the same as the original flavor.

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Nexus S Gets ICS Update


Recently, Google promised that after the Galaxy Nexus arrived, Nexus S users would also be treated to ICS. After a very short wait, Google made good on their word.

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Introducing The Galaxy Nexus, Google’s ICS Flagship Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Much hype surrounds Android’s newest OS version; Ice Cream Sandwich. Ever since it was first unveiled, Android lovers have waited as patiently as possible for the introduction of a new flagship device from Google. The wait is finally over and Google’s Galaxy Nexus -- a new Android smartphone designed around Android’s newest version -- Ice Cream Sandwich is here.

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Google set to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion


This is a total game changer. When Motorola split off its Motorola Mobility department into a separate business, we just thought that they were looking to give the handset segment a more direct focus. As it turns out, they may have been gearing up for today. Google has announced it will be buying Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.

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Earmuffs: Google censors Nexus One speech-to-text engine


They have replaced the most common swear words with ‘####’. Google wants to avoid any situation where the user pronounces a word and the speech-to-text engine misinterprets it and inadvertently tells your boss to go #### himself.

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