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Google Android Director Says Other 10-inch Tablets are “Overpriced and Underpowered”


A New York Times interview with Google's Android business development director John Lagerling has just surfaced that manages to ask several interesting questions about the Nexus line, particularly why the company is now coming in to the 10-inch tablet space. The answer? According to Langerling, they saw the current 10-inch category as underpriced and underpowered and believed they could bring something big to the table.

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‘Backdoor’ Found to Easily Circumvent NYT $40M Paywall


Yes, we certainly want you to stay tuned to Mobile Magazine for all news related to the world of mobile technology, but we totally understand that you read other publications too. As such, you might be a little miffed by the recent paywall erected at the online New York Times. Why pay for news when it's free everywhere else, right?

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