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Foxconn Nano Nettop PCs Priced at $260 and $280


The Mac Mini isn't the only mini-PC in town. Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn has formally announced its new AT-5250 and AT-5600 fanless nano PCs and they're looking pretty slick.

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Dual-Core Atom Fuels Acer AspireRevo Nettop

This has certainly been a very long time coming and it’s not really coming in the form of a netbook just yet, but we’re almost there. The nettop market seems to be growing and Acer is bringing one of the most powerful offerings to the table with the upgraded Acer AspireRevo R3610-U9012. This is quite the impressive offering, considering that ...

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Asus EeeBox EB1501 Nettop with Ion Graphics, DVD Slot and 1080p HDMI


Asus hits us with another, the EeeBox PC Eb1501 lightweight entertainment PC. In fact it's so light that it can balance itself on a single corner.

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