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Specs Leaked for First Google Chrome OS Netbook


Google Chrome has quickly become my preferred web browser of choice and it may soon become the preferred operating system for netbooks around the world too. As you may recall, the Chrome OS bases most of its functionality “in the cloud,” but what can we make of its own features ...

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REVIEW – Be.ez LA robe Netbook Sleeve

REVIEW - Be.ez LA robe Netbook Sleeve

Whether you’re heading out to the local coffee shop or your flying across the country, it makes sense that you want your computer to be properly protected during your commute. Be.ez is a French design company that it originally created the LA robe series for the Apple MacBook and MacBook ...

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Asus Promises Android-Based Smartbook Soon

Get ready to add another term to your ever-expanding lexicon of mobile devices. We started with cell phones and then we learned about having smartphones to do more. We started with laptops and notebooks, but then we were introduced to the smaller form factor of netbooks. Let’s not forget about ...

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Nokia Booklet 3G Netbook for $299 or $599


Might I interest you in Nokia’s first ever netbook offering? How do you feel about signing a new contract with AT&T to do it? Would you prefer to buy the handy new device outright and not deal with a service agreement at all? Well, it seems that you’ll have that ...

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Kohjinsha Netbook Boasts Dual 10.1-inch Screens


I remember when I went to visit Japan a couple of years ago, the whole netbook thing hadn’t really caught on in North America yet. Even so, there were tons of ultraportables on sale in Akihabara, including some crazy compact tablet PCs from Kohjinsha. Well, they’ve done it again. Now ...

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Nokia Booklet 3G Sold Exclusively Through Best Buy

Even though most of us know Nokia for its cell phones and smartphones, the Finnish company recgonizes the opportunity it has to expand into the increasingly popular netbook arena. As such, we first heard about the Nokia Booklet 3G some time ago and now we know where you’ll be able ...

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