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NEC Medias W is a Dual-screen, Folding Smartphone

nec medias w

It's taken more than a year, but the dual-screen NEC Medias W folding Android phone has been launched in Japan.

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NEC’s Organic Battery Is Just 0.3mm Thick


NEC started working on organic radical batteries back in 2001 and the company has just introduced their latest development, a 0.3mm super-thin prototype organic battery that appears to be a perfect fit for future integrated circuit cards and may be the world's thinnest battery yet.

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NEC Android Tablet gets Dual Display


A rose by any other name? NEC showed off its LT-W Cloud Communicator a few months ago at CES and now the dual-screen Android tablet is re-emerging with a new name. Behold the NEC LifeTouch W Tablet. The Acer Iconia is the only dual screen tablet in town.

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Android Powers NEC LifeTouch Note Netbook


Android isn't just for smartphones and tablets anymore. If NEC has its way, you'll be wanting to get your hands on its Android-powered LifeTouch Note netbook too.

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NEC dual-screen tablet is best judged by its cover


With so many tablets making the rounds at CES 2011, it was hard to get noticed unless you brought something truly interesting to the table. NEC’s dual screen LT-W Cloud Communicator Tablet falls into that category, packing double the touchscreen punch.

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NEC Cloud Communicator Android tablet with dual screens at CES


NEC has already indicated that it will be at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month and will definitely have its Cloud Communicator tablet on the show floor in full force. However, it seems that the a dual screen version of the Android tablet will also be making an appearance.

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