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Cambridge Consultants Develop New System for Indoor Navigation


Cambridge Consultants are working to develop an indoor navigation system that utilizes low powered sensors and a custom formula.

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Indoor Sensor Allows Navigation Inside Buildings


You may not have any problems finding a building in a busy city via the GPS receiver in your handset, but it won’t be helpful once you step inside one. How will you find the elevator or the bathroom or the fire exit? This problem could soon be a thing of the past all thanks to a new system, called the MST-Smartsense Sensor, from Fraunhofer which uses simple sensors to enable in-building navigation. They have introduced a tiny module that could work with tablets and smartphones.

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Dash: The iPhone Car Stereo Dock (Video)


Your iPhone should be making your life a whole lot easier thanks to all the features that it brings with it. But for accessing all that power while you are driving your car requires complicated docking accessories or different types of cables, or a well trained brain for handling your car and the device simultaneously (not recommended!). But all that will change with the arrival of Dash, a car stereo system custom-made to fit the iPhone 4 and 4S.

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Garmin-Asus A10 touchscreen smartphone runs Android

Garmin Asus A10 Android GPS Smartphone

The standalone GPS market isn't nearly as hot as it has been in years past, so many people are moving toward "convergence" devices that can do GPS and more. Garmin is aggressively expanding its smartphone line with the new Garmin-Asus A10 in response to this new trend. This follows up on the nuvifone from AT&T and the Garminfone with T-Mobile. A good move on Garmin's part, I'd say, since they can continue to sell hardware to the growing navigation-centric smartphone market.

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Nokia guides users with free Ovi Maps navigation service


Nokia wishes to increase popularity of navigation and location-aware services on its mobile phones, the release of the Ovi Maps service is in direct response to Google Maps Navigation for their Android OS, which Google released in October of last year.

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Garmin BirdsEye adds hi-resolution satellite and aerial imagery to GPS


Getting your street maps and points of interest is already pretty important to your GPS experience, but Garmin wants to offer more. Garmin International has recently announced the arrival of BirdsEye Satellie and Aerial Imagery.

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