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NASA: Russian Meteor Was Largest In Over A Century At 10,000 Tons


Remember that meteor that exploded over Russia just 4 days ago? It caused havoc in Chelyabinsk, Russia when 1,200 people and 3,724 buildings were damaged. Videos flooded the internet on the day of the impact that gave the rest of the world an idea of what the meteor looked like. After watching one of the videos, it is hard to imagine ...

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First Ever Mars Bedrock Sample Collected by Curiosity Rover


Last summer, the Curiosity rover touched down on the Martian surface and space geeks from around the world, myself included, rejoiced at the accomplishment. That little rover has been roaming around on Mars for the last few months and now it has drilled a hole into the Red Planet and collected some bedrock.

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NASA Proposes New Uranium-Based Engine for Deep Space Exploration


NASA is currently testing the idea of building a nuclear fission engine that could propel their probes into deep space, well beyond Mars and into the outer reaches of our solar system.

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Video: iPhone Used to Measure Test Rocket Flight Data


Have you ever wanted to have your own homemade rocket that could then record and collect data about its flight onto an on-board Apple iPhone? With this tutorial, now you can.

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Android in Space? Nexus One Powering Nano-Satellite Program


That's one small step for man, one giant leap for the Nexus One. That's right, the two year old Google Nexus One is making its way into space. No, astronauts aren't taking the phone into space so they can get their Angry Birds Stars Wars on, instead they are basically launching the phone into space as part of the “PhoneSat Program”.

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NASA Giant Crawlers Getting New Engine Upgrades


We live in a world where cars, computers and phones are too obsolete to use after just a few years of service. Technology changes quickly, and that means we are constantly changing and upgrading to keep up with the times.

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Unique Aircraft Concept Rotates at 90 degrees, Can Travel Coast-to-Coast in 2 Hours


The University of Miami has begun working on quite a unique concept plane. This aircraft actually goes supersonic with 90 degrees rotation. The project hopes to deliver a top speed of about Mach 2.0 (around 1500 MPH)- this means it would allow passengers to travel from the East to West Coast in about two hours! The craft concept can even hold up to seventy people.

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Video: Replica Of Curiosity Mars Rover- Made Entirely From Legos


NXT builders Doug Moran and Will Gorman have put together a working rover that can roam plastic terrain just like Nasa's own rovers- except one thing, this one is made of Legos.

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NASA Engineer Designs Cricket Trailer for Camping Trips


As you prepare to whip out the bug spray and water filter for your annual camping trip, you might consider a little bit of NASA technology as part of that camping trip. Garret Finney worked on habitation modules for the International Space Station while working at NASA, but he has now taken that passion for efficient living to the world of camping trailers.

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Jeff Bezos Worried About Piled Up Cash, Wants To Raise Apollo 11 Rockets


Founder and CEO of Amazon.com, Jeff Bezos is, as you know, a billionaire. And that is why when most other people work overtime for paying the monthly rent, he gets to do interesting stuff like raising rocket engines from the bottom of the ocean. Bezos has announced that his exploration team has found the five F-1 rockets that carried the Apollo 11 rocket into space.

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NASA: The Evolution of the Moon (Video)


Ever since discovering Michio Kaku, I've become just a little more fascinated with the great beyond. I've come to wonder more about type one, type two, and type three civilizations, but what about the development of extraterrestial objects closer to our backyard?

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Robo-Glove Developed By NASA And GM (Video)


Your older brother’s arm wrestling grip is killing you? The Human Grasp Assist device might be able to give you a helping hand (or a helping glove actually). The device, which is also known as Robo-Glove or K-Glove, is the result of the collaboration between GM and NASA and has been developed to help astronauts and autoworkers stay away from stress injuries.

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NASA and CSA Start Robot Refueling Mission Experiment


Basically, this experiment is to see how well they can service working satellites using robots via remote control.

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Space Elevator Concept From Japan


Are you amazed after hearing about the travel distance of an elevator in the Burj Khalifa? Then get ready for this new concept from Tokyo-based construction company Obayashi Corp. The Japanese company has come out with their space elevator concept which involves constructing a space cable, which extends a quarter of the way to the moon from the Earth’s surface.

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World’s First Zero Gravity Roller Coaster Inspired By NASA’s KC-135


The new ride has been inspired by NASA's KC-135, an astronaut training aircraft which is also known by the name "Vomit Comet". For getting astronauts used to the sensation of space travel, the KC-135 performs parabolic plunges which give its passengers the feeling of weightlessness.

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