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NASA Has a New Search and Rescue Robot Monkey


But what about our primate cousins? It looks like NASA isn't monkeying around, because they're developing an incredibly advanced robot primate that they call the RoboSimian.

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Here’s What Will Happen to Our Sun When It Dies


While our friends in the Star Trek universe venture out to explore strange new worlds and to seek out new life, back here in the real world, we're still trying to figure out what's going to happen closer to home. And NASA has come a little bit closer to understanding and observing the death of our very own sun.

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NASA 2020 Mars Mission: Aims to Seek Out Past Alien Life


NASA’s new Mars rover, which will be part of an unnamed 2020 mission to the red planet, will search for signs of past life which existed when the planet was much warmer and wetter.

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NASA Wants You to Wave to Saturn, Come July 19th


Come July 19th, Cassini will be taking a picture of Saturn's rings - and Earth will show up as a reflection within the rings. NASA wants you to wave!

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Manned Trip To Mars: Current Radiation Shielding Not Going To Help


Data from Curiosity's Radiation Assessment Detector suggests that current radiation shielding available on spacecrafts won’t be enough to protect human explorers from radiation exposure during a manned trip to Mars.

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Lockheed Martin’s ADAM High Energy Laser Destroying A Rocket (Video)


We have a video which shows Lockheed Martin’s newly developed ADAM high energy laser (HEL) system taking out a rocket from a range of 1.5 km.

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Martian Dust Would Be A Danger To Human Visitors


Researchers and public health experts at the Humans 2 Mars Summit have been discussing the threat of dust on Mars. A manned mission to the Red Planet could happen by 2030.

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NASA spacecraft ‘Cassini’ Captures Massive Saturn Hurricane On Video


NASA has released images and video of a massive hurricane at Saturn's north pole.

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NASA Plans to Kidnap an Asteroid for Further Study


In the Star Trek universe, our brave heroes endeavor to "boldly go where no man has gone before." NASA is taking a slightly different approach, bringing the world of space closer to us instead.

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Advances in Nuclear Fusion Could see Rockets Reaching Mars in Days Rather than Years

nasa nuclear fusion

NASA funded researchers are working on nuclear fusion technology, which could considerably speed up space travel and reduce costs in the future.

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Solar Conjunction Puts NASA Mars Exploration on Pause


Don't worry. NASA is going to keep exploring Mars and we're going to keep learning things about the red planet, but all of those operations will effectively be put on pause for a period of up to three weeks and we have the sun to blame.

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Voyager 1: Where Is It?


According to two scientists, W.R. Webber and F.B. McDonald, the Voyager 1 left the Solar System on August last year. But NASA disagrees.

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NASA Wants to 3D Print a Lunar Base Too


Last month, we read about how the European Space Agency was teaming up with architectural firm Foster and Partners. The idea is that they would use 3D printing technology to build a lunar base. This makes a lot of sense, since it utilizes existing resources on the moon to build those structures, rather than shuttling all those materials from Earth. It seems that NASA is working on a similar idea.

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Mars Rover Put Into “Safe Mode” After Memory Issue


Not including a long 563,000,000 km (350,000,000 mi) journey, NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity has been on Mars for nearly 7 month now.

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NASA To Test Laser Data Transmission In October


NASA will be testing a prototype laser communications system called OPALS (Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science) this October from the International Space Station.

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