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ISS Astronauts Playing Around With Water And A GoPro (Video)


What happens when ISS astronauts get a GoPro to play around with? They drown it.

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Check Out These Alien Surfaces Of Our Solar System


Alien surfaces of our Solar System.

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Earth’s Ozone Layer Still Under Threat


Ozone layer still under threat due to large amount of carbon tetrachloride.

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NASA’s Cassini Will Take A Closer Look At The Six-Sided Hurricane On Saturn (Video)


Cassini will take a closer look at the mysterious hexagon-shaped vortex on Saturn later this month.

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Hennessey Venom F5 Details Revealed, Targets 290mph And World Top Speed Record


Hennessey Venom F5

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Video: Could Comet ISON Lose Its Tail on Thanksgiving?


The much observed comet will be making a dangerous journey around our sun tomorrow, just in time for your Thanksgiving entertainment.

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NASA’s MAVEN Mission to Mars Launched Today (Videos)


The MAVEN spacecraft, which stands for Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN, sat atop an Atlas 5 rocket at 1:28 EST earlier today, blasting off from the Air Force Station in Cape Canaveral, Florida. It's going to take ten months for MAVEN to reach its destination.

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NASA Video: Spectacular “Canyon of Fire” on the Sun


Last month, our very own sun experienced quite the spectacular phenomenon that NASA is calling the "canyon of fire." And they got it all on video.

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Using Nuclear Weapons to Prevent a Real Armageddon


While we deal with our Earth-bound problems, scientists have recognized that a "devastating" asteroid is currently hurtling its way toward our planet and it could wipe us all out when it makes impact in a few years.

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Hubble Video: Galaxies Collide, Gorgeous “Cosmic Bloom” Results


No, it's not the most imaginative or creative of names, but the galaxy dubbed PGC 6240 could be one of the most interesting. It has "hazy petal-like shells" that form a "pale rose in the sky."

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NASA Interested In Fuelless Laser Thruster (Video)


A new thruster design, which involves using the energy from a laser’s photons for pushing a spacecraft away from that laser’s emitter, is getting funding from NASA.

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Brewing Beer In Space


Is it a good idea to brew beer in space? It could be. 6th-grader Michal Bodzianowski’s experiment could lead to space breweries in the future.

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The Microwave Could Charge Your Devices In The Future (Video)


Pizza Rolls and reheated leftovers, that's all a microwave is good for, right? Not necessarily. What if we told you that your microwave could be used to charge your devices? Crazy, we know.

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Soil of Mars Contains Water Beyond Polar Ice Caps


While it has been known that some frozen water can be found in the polar ice caps, a soil sample extracted by the Curiosity Rover has discovered that water could be much closer at hand.

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Commercial Space Travel Coming Next Year (Video)


According to Sir Richard Branson, commercial space travel is going to be a reality in 2014.

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