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iTwin ships $99 encrypted remote file access USB stick


iTwin announced their Remote File Access device was shipping at CES 2011 today and it’s got us thinking about their future potential. The device works pretty simply, it’s got two identical halves with their own USB 2.0 interfaces.

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AppliedMicro takes NAS Systems beyond HD


AppliedMicro used the CES venue to announce their complete consumer NAS systems designed to allow consumers to store, stream and share digital files across any converged device. Specifically designed for OEMs and ODMs, AppliedMicro NAS Systems will have the processing power, system design and software to evolve basic storage devices into next-generation multimedia servers.

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Addonics pocket-sized NAS adapter doubles speeds on gigabit networks


Addonics Technologies has announced availability of their latest NAS 2.0 adapter. The adapter is a second generation model, Addonics wanted to push the output attainable on your USB 2.0 devices, making transfer rates of 15-20 MBps possible when linked to a Gigabit network.

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