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Philips GoGear Muse 3 PMP protects your hearing


Philips GoGear Muse 3 aims to protect your hearing. In the case of the GoGear Muse 3, you get something called the SafeSound function. Basically, it monitors the sound level of Marilyn Manson and Def Leppard, alerting you if the volume is probably a little too high for your eardrums to handle.

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Coby Micro MP3 player looks like detached fingernail

Copy Red Fingernail Mp3 Player

I'm not really sure what to make of this thing, but I guess you could say that it is the next natural progression for the MP3 player. Sure, many people use their smartphones as music players, but many others like having a separate unit for that purpose. But this doesn't really have any buttons. What you see here is the newly revealed Coby Micro MP3 Player and it's a polished piece of plastic. The minimalist design is reminiscent of the Creative Zen Stone, but it goes so much further.

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