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How Can We Enjoy a Marketless MSI Android Tablet?


Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles facing tablet adoption is price. Not everyone can justify spending $500+ on one, but thanks to the newly announced MSI WindPad Enjoy 7, they can get into the tablet game for half the price.

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MSI unveils pair of Android and Windows “WindPad” tablets


The 10.1" tablets both boast 10-point multitouch screens as opposed to the usual two-point, are only half and inch thick at their thinnest point, get eight to 10 hours of battery life and have an assortment of I/O ports, including USB and HDMI.

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MSI planning Windows tablets with Intel Oak Trail platform in Q1


MSI doesn't want to put all its tablet eggs in the same touchscreen basket. We already know that some ARM-based models with NVIDIA Tegra 2 (and Android 3.0 Honeycomb) are being planned, but it seems that MSI has some "Wintel" plans up its sleeve too.

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MSI Wind Pad conforms to “traditional” tablet standards


Closer to an actual tablet that we would recognize, when compared to the frankenstein Sketch Book, MSI brings you the Wind Pad. Cramping on the iPad moniker, the Wind Pad is a 10-incher running on either Google Android OS or Windows 7. MSI actually plans to release the Wind Pad 100 later this year, with future iterations to come. Model 100 will be first, it’s going to run a 1.66GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor, 2GB RAM, and a 32GB SSD. Priced at $499 the model 100 will also sport HDMI output, dual USB 2.0 ports and a front-facing camera.

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MSI frankenstein Sketch Book marries tablet and keyboard with a flip


On the surface the MSI Sketch Book may look like yet another iPad tablet clone, but hidden deep inside is something quite different. Shown for the first time ever at Computex Taipei 2010, the Sketch Book is a device inching towards what we hoped the Microsoft Courier would bring us; a little bit of dual screen love anyone? Not just yet, but it's close.

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MSI takes on Apple’s iPad with a $500 10″ Tegra-based tablet


Following up on yesterday's official unveiling of the Apple iPad tablet computer, it's not suprising to see the floodgates opening from its competitors. One of the first devices to join the iPad-occupied arena is a yet-unnamed MSI tablet PC.

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Checking Out the Dual Screen Notebooks from MSI


We’re still waiting to see what Cupertino is going to do to enter this market, but it seems that Taiwan is more than ready to jump into the fray first. Over at CES, MSI had a notebook that featured dual touchscreen displays, ditching the hardware keyboard altogether. In this way, you could say that this is a tablet, an e-book ...

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MSI dual-screen e-reader and netbook runs Windows 7


MSI is the first company to show off a working prototype of their dualscreen e-reader. And it's everything you ever dreamt of - sort of.

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MSI Wind U135 Netbook Announced with Intel Pine Trail


The netbook market is as popular as ever, but you may be disappointed by the Intel Atom N270 processor that powers most of the little laptops on the market today. Jumping into the next generation is the MSI Wind U135. This is the first Wind model to feature Intels’ new Pine Trail platform. On the outside, the MSI Wind U135 ...

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MSI to Join Touchscreen Netbook Game with Wind U150

Gigabyte has the M912X Tablet PC. Asus has the Eee PC T91 mini-tablet. Where does MSI slot into this emerging market for netbooks with touchscreen displays? Wonder no longer, because MSI plans on releasing the MSI Wind U150 to tackle the convertible netbook world. That means it gets a rotating touchscreen. But that’s not the only thing that will be ...

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MSI C-Series Notebooks Offer Big Screens in Lightweight Packages

MSI C-Series Notebooks Offer Big Screens in Lightweight Packages

Personally, I’m a bigger fan of more compact notebooks, but there is a definite demographic out there who are interested in desktop-replacing laptops. For that crowd, MSI has introduced a new batch of Classic C Series notebooks. These have cinema-ready displays that will happily fit in your bag. There are five new additions to the line. The CX600, CX700, CR600-013, ...

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