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iPod Nano Touch Concept Gets Longer and Smarter


You've already seen the crazy MacBook Pro Touch concept, but what if Apple were to extend the touch to some of its other products. Not to be confused with the iPod touch, what you're looking at here is a concept for the next-generation iPod nano. More specifically, it's being touted as the iPod nano touch for obvious reasons, but it's even smarter than that.

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Kube2 Is The “World’s Smallest Touch MP3 Player”


We have the right device for those of you who have a thing for tiny MP3 players. The music player pictured above, the Kube2 from Singapore technology company Bluetree Electronics, is not as thin as the latest generation iPod shuffles, but it’s being claimed by the makers as the “world’s smallest touch mp3 player”.

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Improved iPod Nano gets Multitouch


Just when you thought the iPod Nano has already come to the end of the line, think again! The hardware refresh this week adds a multi-touch capability to the iPod family. The nano sports a 1.54” color TFT display with a resolution of 240 x 240 (220 ppi).

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Philips GoGear Muse 3 PMP protects your hearing


Philips GoGear Muse 3 aims to protect your hearing. In the case of the GoGear Muse 3, you get something called the SafeSound function. Basically, it monitors the sound level of Marilyn Manson and Def Leppard, alerting you if the volume is probably a little too high for your eardrums to handle.

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Coby Micro MP3 player looks like detached fingernail

Copy Red Fingernail Mp3 Player

I'm not really sure what to make of this thing, but I guess you could say that it is the next natural progression for the MP3 player. Sure, many people use their smartphones as music players, but many others like having a separate unit for that purpose. But this doesn't really have any buttons. What you see here is the newly revealed Coby Micro MP3 Player and it's a polished piece of plastic. The minimalist design is reminiscent of the Creative Zen Stone, but it goes so much further.

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Samsung R1 and R0 portable media players launched


If you're looking for yet another option to take your music with you on the road, Samsung has you covered with two new offerings. The Korean juggernaut has just announced the new Samsung R1 and R0 portable media players. For the Samsung R1, you get a form factor that is smaller than a credit card to go along with the 2.4-inch TFT LCD touchscreen. The drag and drop feature allows you to shift those files around with a swipe of a finger.

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Shower Mirror Plays Tunes, Stays Fog-Free

The Sharper Image doesn’t have its own set of retail stores anymore, but the brand is continuing to survive by offering its premium electronics and other digital lifestyle products through department stores and other fine retailers. One of the newer products sounds like it could be perfect for people who ...

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