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Video: Meet the Real Life Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine


Lenny Hochteil may look like any other suburban dad, but he is the man who has put together a new perfect replica of the DeLorean Time Machine driven by Doc Brown himself.

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Netflix Losing Many Classic Titles Starting Today


Netflix will remove hundreds of classic titles from their streaming catalog starting May 1st. But they are promising the addition of many new titles.

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Redbox to Launch Streaming Service


Redbox, the movie rental kiosk company has been planning a partnership with Verizon to attempt to break into the video streaming market for some time, but it looks like it is all coming together now. Associated Press reported Redbox Instant by Verizon is set to be launched late December as invite-only for the time being.

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Total Recall: How Close are we to such technologies?

Total Recall Filming in Toronto Colin Farrell 5

For those who liked the original, seeing Total Recall transformed into a modern film is a huge treat. Those who know little about the 1990 film? Again, this is still a great ride if you like action movies that also have heavy technology use incorporated into the story line. Almost more interesting to me than the movie itself though is the concept technology found in these two films.

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