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Motorola Moto X Available Off-Contract for $299; Offer Ends Today


Motorola Mother's Day sale: Moto X available off-contract for $299.

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Get a Moto Maker Customized Moto X for $49.99 for Verizon


As an added incentive for you to jazz up your Moto X via Moto Maker, you can now pick up the new smartphone with Verizon for just $49.99.

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Custom Moto Maker Moto X Smartphone Now $99.99 with AT&T


ou may have seen the Moto X on sale for $100 through Best Buy and Amazon already, but those are just the standard version. Now, AT&T has equally slashed the price down on the Moto X to $99.99 and that includes Moto Maker customizations.

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Moto X Tablet Getting Customized with Moto Maker Too?


Whatever color combination you want can be custom made for you straight out of the factory and it looks like Motorola is ready to expand its Moto Maker operations to include an upcoming Android tablet too.

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Take A Look At A Personalized Moto X (Video)


Take a look at a video showing a personalized Moto X which has been made via the Moto Maker.

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