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Pulse Brings Haptic Feedback to iPhone


Mophie and ViviTouch have partnered up to produce this iAccessory and it's mostly catering to the folks who use their iPhones to play games. It's like an iPhone case, except the goal is to give you haptic feedback, letting you "feel the difference between hundreds of sensations, not just the one-buzz-fits-all vibration before."

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Mophie Pulse gives your iPhone 4 a louder bark, bigger bite


For those of us that are iPhone users we should be quite familiar with Mophie's Juice Pack and that clever little Mophie Marketplace case to easily ring up credit cards. The power packs have been an invaluable accessory to thwart the iPhone's battery chugging capabilities, but where can they go from here? Mophie has taken it one step further with their next-generation power pack, the Mophie Pulse, which they are showing off CES.

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Mophie extends Juice Pack Air line to include iPod touch


We've seen plenty of products that are designed to extend the battery life of the Apple iPhone, including the incredibly popular Mophie Juice Pack Air. What about all the iPod touch owners in the audience? Well, Mophie's going to take care of them too.Today, Mophie announced the launch of the Juice Pack Air for the iPod touch. Like the iPhone version, the iPod touch version of the Juice Pack Air is a combined battery extender and protective case in one.

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Mophie iPhone Case Includes Credit Card Scanner


The whole concept of a traditional point of sale dictates that the business owner should have some kind of cash register, hooked up with the various periphernalia to handle different types of payment. That’s changing and Mophie is hoping to move the charge forward. Instead of getting customers to walk up to a traditional cash register, they can simply walk ...

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Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 3G Goes Red

Back in October, we hosted a contest where you could win a Mophie Juice Pack Air for the Apple iPhone. This handy protective case for everyone’s favorite touchscreen smartphone also gave you a significant battery boost on the go. Well, Mophie’s got an update in time for the holidays. At the time of the contest, the Mophie Juice Pack Air ...

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REVIEW – Mophie Car & Wall International USB Charger

REVIEW - Mophie Car & Wall International USB Charger

You may already be familiar with the Mophie name, thanks partly to the Juice Pack Air giveaway that we hosted last month. Well, they’ve got all sorts of other accessories as well, including chargers and cables. One of the newest products to hit the block is the Mophie Car & Wall International USB Charger. Why invest in a separate wall ...

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REVIEW – Mophie Dual USB Wall Charger

REVIEW - Mophie Dual USB Wall Charger

Ever find yourself wanting to charge up your iPod or iPhone, but you don’t want to bother with booting up your computer to get a powered USB port? What if you have more than one item that needs to be charged? Thanks to handy devices like the appropriately named Mophie Dual USB Wall Charger, you don’t have to worry about ...

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And the Winner of the Mophie Juice Pack Contest Is…

It’s not quite time for Santa Claus to make his rounds just yet, but one lucky winner will be enjoying an early Christmas present courtesy of the folks at Mophie. A couple of weeks ago, we launched a contest to win a Mophie Juice Pack Air for the Apple iPhone. Well, that contest has now drawn to a close and ...

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Reminder: iPhone Juice Pack Contest Ends Wednesday


While the store displays in the mall may already be outfitted with Santa Claus and mistletoe, it’s not quite Christmas just yet. That said, you could have a chance at a great free present ahead of schedule and all it’ll take is 30 seconds of your time. This is just a quick reminder that the Mobile Magazine contest to win ...

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CONTEST: Win a Mophie Juice Pack Air for Apple iPhone


To help kick off the launch of the new Mobile Magazine forum, we have a great giveaway for our valued readers! We all like free stuff, so I’m assuming that you like winning free stuff too, right? Do you find that you’re constantly looking for more power for your iPhone 3G or 3GS? Do you want to have some portable ...

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