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Check Out World’s Top 20 Photos Taken From a Mobile Phone, You Won’t Believe Number One


This past Tuesday, Sony announced the winners of the Sony World Photography Awards’ to recognize and reward, what they say are the best contemporary photographers of the world. Now, this isn’t any small contest, the Sony World Photography Awards happens to be the world’s biggest photography competition that gets approximately 100,000 entries ...

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Hackers Can Easily Track Your Mobile Phone, Says Study (Video)


If you have nightmares about being watched, this will be your worst ever. Your mobile phone, the thing that you carry around almost everywhere, might be giving away your location to hackers. According to a new study, anyone with a cheap phone and open source software can easily track the location of a mobile phone (on GSM network, which provides service to 80 percent of the global mobile market) without the owner ever knowing about it.

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SpareOne: The Emergency Mobile Phone Powered By One AA


he SpareOne has been designed as a back-up phone which can be kept in your emergency kit. Using that one AA battery, the device can deliver up to 10 hours of talk time. But its most amazing feature is that it comes with an isolator that prevents current discharge which allows it to hold charge for up to a whopping 15 years when you are not using it. But that depends on the shelf-life of the battery that is being used.

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