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Mobile Magazine Turns 12 Contest: Win the Nexus 4 and More! [UPDATE]


In honor of Mobile Magazine's 12th anniversary, we are pulling out all the stops to offer one of our biggest contest giveaways yet.

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Help Fund Mobile Magazine: The Evolution of Mobile Technology

The magazine we have been working on is called Mobile Magazine: The Evolution of Mobile Technology. It's full of amazing technology and gadgets that have been released throughout the years leading up to what we have now, and what we can expect in the future.

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Mobile Magazine launches iPad home page

Mobile Magazine home page for the iPad

We have just launched a new home page tailored to iPad owners. You can now get an easy to navigate display of our news, reviews and features, all by visiting www.mobilemag.com/ipad from your Safari browser. In the future we will be adding other iPad and mobile device special features, we hope you like this one and enjoy our news on your magical new device.

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