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Peek 9 handheld email only device gets social networking and map apps


Do you remember the Peek? It might look like a QWERTY packing smartphone, but the only thing it can really do is send and receive email. In this day and age of smartphones that do so much more, why on Earth would you want a dedicated email device? Well, that hasn't stopped the unveiling of the new Peek 9.

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Text’nDrive iPhone and Blackberry voice-to-txt app keeps your hands on the wheel


There are laws in many jurisdictions that restrict the use of cell phones while driving. Many people have invested in Bluetooth headsets for handsfree calling, but what about text and email messaging? For that, you may want to take a look at the Text'nDrive app.

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Mobile Email Service for Life with Peek Pronto Messenger


Even though things don’t always work out quite the way you expect them to work out, convergence devices seem to be the way that we are heading. Our cell phones can play music, take pictures, and surf the web. Even so, there is still a certain appeal to standalone devices and that’s what Peek is trying to offer you. The ...

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Get Labels and Stars with BlackBerry Enhanced Gmail Plugin

I think that most of us would agree that the BlackBerry is probably one of the better platforms when it comes to mobile email management, but what if you do everything through Gmail? You want the same functionality as the online desktop, right? Research in Motion thinks so too. RIM has already done a fantastic job with managing enterprise-level email, ...

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