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This Cheetah Robot Is Silent And Eco-Friendly (Video)


A new Cheetah robot.

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Solar-Powered Smart Benches


Soofas: solar-powered smart benches.

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Arduino Co-Creator Releases Plans for $200 DIY Mobile Phone


Mellis was one of the people who came up with the now hugely popular Arduino platform and now he has come up with plans for people to build their own cell phone for about $200 in parts.

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Video: MIT inFORM Dynamic Shape Display with Kinect Motion Capture


As a kid, I remember going to novelty stores like San Francisco and later Spencer Gifts, seeing a myriad of useless toys and gadgets. One of these was always the metal pinboard where you could smush your fist (or fast) into the bed of pins and it'd recreate that shape on the other side. This is kind of like that, but way cooler.

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Matter Which Behaves Like A Lightsaber


Physicists have created a new form of matter which behaves somewhat like a lightsaber.

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Cheap 3D Color Holograms Enabled By MIT Technology


Researchers at the Media Lab at MIT have apparently developed some technology that allows for color 3D holographic video displays and it can do this on the cheap.

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Future Smartphones Could Eventually Use Micro Vacuum Technology


Micro vacuum pumps developed as part of DARPA’s Chip-Scale Vacuum Micro Pumps (CSVMP) program could pave the way for faster processors in smartphones.

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Perpetual Motion a Reality?


Perpetual motion and the idea of "time crystals" sound like a theme for a game or movie, right? One Nobel prize winning Physicist has a different idea.

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Video: Revolutionary SpaceTop 3D Computer Interface


We've seen 3D televisions and 3D monitors, but the way that we interact with them is still on a two-dimensional basis. That could be changing with SpaceTop 3D, a three-dimensional computer interface developed by MIT graduate student Jinha Lee.

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Video: Researchers Develop Soft Meshworm Robot with Earthworm-Like Movement


For scientists at MIT, Harvard University and Seoul National University, they got their inspiration from the lowly earthworm when it came to their latest creation: the Meshworm robot.

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MIT Students Create 3D Printer that fits in a Suitcase


The era of 3D printing has firmly launched, but there are still some setbacks to using 3D printer technology, namely they aren't exactly portable. While most 3D printers must be disassembled in order to be moved, two MIT students have come up with a new solution that fits easily in a small suitcase, the PopFab.

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MIT Carbon Nanotube Solar Cell Captures Near Infrared Light


Regular photovoltaic cells can only capture a certain spectrum of light, but a new type of solar cell developed by MIT researchers can now capture energy from the near-infrared region of the light spectrum.

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Smart Pebble Robots Can Mimic Objects Quickly


The “Smart Sand” project has tons of obstacles to climb over before it truly gets very far off the ground, but it is attempting to use large cubes, 12mm on each side, that can actually bind together to mimic real objects.

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MIT Students Create Minority Report-Style System Uses iPad


It seems like every time we turn around we have another technology pushing the bounds of what we thought was possible. We've all seen the glove-controlled PCs in Minority Report, right? That's sort of what MIT's Media Lab has accomplished, teaming a glove/attachment with an iPad.

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ZeroN System Creates Anti-Gravity Zone Right Before Your Eyes


We live in a time where new technologies are constantly being discovered and manipulated to do things that were previously relegated completely to the world of science fiction. The age we are in is a marvelous one because we are just now starting a trend of pushing the realm of what we think is possible, and the new ZeroN is one of these fun technologies that does just that.

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