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Ubuntu Edge Hits $3 Million In A Day (Video)


The good looking device that you see above is the Ubuntu Edge, a ‘super-phone’ powerful enough to give you a full Ubuntu desktop when connected to an external monitor. Now Canonical is looking for YOUR help to make this phone a reality.

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Galaxy S4: Samsung Has Shipped 20 Million Units


Samsung has reportedly shipped 20 million Galaxy S4s. It has taken the company roughly two months to reach the mark.

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Tumblr Reaches 100 Million Blogs


Tumblr is now home to over 100 million user blogs with over 44.6 billion posts.

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Spymaster Orcasub: The $2 Million Underwater Plane


Spymaster has been unveiled a $2 million private submarine, named Orcasub, at the Harrods Technology 2.0 showcase.

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