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Xbox One: Do We Really Need The Kinect With It?


Microsoft seems to have had no other way but to make the Kinect mandatory with their Xbox One, but gamers won’t probably have too many uses for the new motion sensor.

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Microsoft Windows Smartwatch Features Translucent Tech?


Not to be outdone, it looks like Microsoft is working on a smartwatch of its own and it just so happens to come with some extra tricks up its sleeve.

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RUMOR: Xbox One Getting A RAM Upgrade?

According to a new rumor, the Xbox One is getting a RAM upgrade - jumping from 8GB up to 12GB.

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Google Working On Gaming Console, Smart Watch, Media-Streamer And Low Cost Smartphones


Google reportedly is working on an Android powered games console, low cost smartphones, a smart watch, and a new Nexus Q device. The company might introduce at least one of those devices this fall.

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Samsung ATIV Q: The Best Of Two Worlds (Hands-On Video)


Samsung’s new ATIV Q is coming with both Android and Windows 8 operating systems.

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Microsoft’s Next-Gen Surface RT Might Arrive With Snapdragon 800 And LTE Support


Microsoft’s next-generation Surface RT might arrive with Qualcomm chips and LTE support. The company is reportedly testing Surface devices with the Snapdragon 800 processor.

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Xbox One Restrictions Removed: Why, and What Does This Mean Going Forward?


In a total 180-degree turn from its original plans, Microsoft has announced it will no longer require any form of DRM or online-check-in with its Xbox One.

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PlayStation 4: Sony Prefers A Disc Free Gaming Future


Sony believes that it’s going to be a disc-free future for their PS4. They believe that gamers will prefer their PlayGo service which will give gamers faster access to games than buying them in stores.

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Video: Microsoft’s Major Nelson Responds to Xbox One Questions


To explain some of the thinking behind Microsoft's decisions on the Xbox One, Major Nelson went on camera and answered questions taken straight from the Reddit thread. That being said, he did sidestep some of them.

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Windows 8.1 Screenshots Leaked (Video)


A new leak has brought out screenshots of redesigned Windows 8.1 applications.

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EA Says Its Not Behind Xbox One Used Game Restrictions


Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore is saying that EA has not pushed to implement the used game restrictions on Xbox One.

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Sony PlayStation 4 Coming This Holiday Season For $399


The Sony PlayStation 4 is coming "this holiday season". You can pre-order the device now at Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy.

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Xbox One Will Cost $499, Launches in November


With E3 underway, we have learned that the Xbox One will cost $499 and will launch sometime this November. Is this is a fair price or not?

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Xbox One Requires You to Check-In Daily, Won’t Initially Allow Rentals or Swapping of Games


Microsoft has now further clarified its stance on used games and checking in online. What do you think of these policies? Interested in the One or not?

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How Much Will Xbox One and PS4 Cost? One Analyst Suggest $349 for PS4, $399 for Xbox One


How much will the Xbox One and PS4 cost? One analyst seems to believe the PS4 will price around $349, with the Xbox One costing $399.

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