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Computer memory stored on nano-structured glass discs


University of Southampton have created nano-structured glass discs that mean a whole new generation of computer memory. The millimetre-sized device changes the way light travels through glass, generating 'whirlpools' of light that can be read in much the same way as data in optical fibres, except the "whirlpools" of light data can be even more precise and allow for the optical manipulation of atom-sized objects.

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Brain forgets information at an extraordinary rate


How many times have you been to an hour-long business meeting or lecture, and did your best to listen and offer an occasional nod, and then at the end of the hour been unable to recall anything that was said?

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128GB Compact Flash card from Silicon Power is huuuge


This thing is huuuuge. Most camera's right now don't even go past 32GB cards, the 128GB is obviously for next-generation digital SLRs which will be storing massive files.

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