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RWD BMW i3 City Car Proves Electrics Can Drift, Have Fun (Video)


Just because you want to get an electric car doesn't mean you have to leave "fun" behind. Check out this video of the upcoming BMW i3 in action. It's a fully electric city car that also happens to be rear-wheel-drive. You know what that means?

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BMW paves way with Megacity EV made of CFRP

BMW's Megacity

BMW's Megacity Vehicle (MCV) announced this week claims to aim a radical shift in urban transportation. The MCV is based on a new vehicle architecture dubbed “LifeDrive”, this concept is part of BMW's small but evolving zero emissions motoring division. MCV is made up of two separate modules, the Drive module, which contains the drive system and battery, and the Life module, which is home to a lightweight passenger cell built from carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP).

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