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Sony FMP-X1 4K Media Player Coming This Summer


Sony has announced that their 4K FMP-X1 media player will be available sometime this summer, but the owners of the device will have to wait until fall for the company’s 4K video distribution service.

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Gingerbread-powered Sony NW-Z1000 Walkman challenges iPod touch


Not everyone needs the "phone" part of a smartphone and that's why devices like the iPod touch exist. What if you'd prefer to align yourself with the Google side? Sony is doing just that by releasing the company's first ever Android-powered Walkman media player. Here is the Sony NW-Z1000.

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Skytex Primer Pocket 4.3-inch Android media tablet only $99


On the Apple side of the equation, if you want an iPhone without the phone, you might consider getting an iPod touch. On the Android side of the equation, if you want an Android phone without a phone, you might turn to something like the newly announced Primer Pocket tablet from Skytex.

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ICE Smart Media Player 5-inch Android “tablet” drops to $180 USD


Just because you want an Android tablet doesn't mean that you have to bump all the way up to the 10-inch or even the 7-inch offerings on the market. Archos has some smaller tablets too and joining that arena is a new entry from Latte Communications. It's called the ICE Smart Media Player and its screen measures the same five inches across the diagonal as the Dell Streak.

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Sceptre Luna MP3 Player Packs Pico Projector Too


They seem to be putting these pico projector things in all sorts of products these days. We've already seen them in digital cameras, for example, and now they're infiltrating the portable media player market too with the Sceptre Luna.

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VLC heading to all iOS devices: iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple TV too?


Applidium, the company behind that fantastic VLC media player that was recently released for iPad, has just announced they have a universal version presently going through the iTunes App Store scrutiny. Once it makes it through, you’ll be able to use VLC on any iOS device

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Archos drops 5 Android tablets, even a $100 unit

Archos 101 Android Tablet with 10.1-inch LCD

Archos was already a major contender in the media player and Internet tablet market before the iPad had landed. Looking to re-establish itself as an industry leader, Archos has just announced no fewer than five new Android tablets. There's even one that starts at under a hundred bucks.

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Wireless Handheld Keyboard and Trackpad for HTPCs?

Wireless Handheld Keyboard and Trackpad for HTPCs?

Some people are perfectly happy using an Xbox 360 or a PS3 as a media player in their living rooms. For the most part, these consoles can handle your MP3 music and your AVI videos. Other people want more, so they hook up their laptops to their HDTVs for added functionality. That can be a bit of a hassle though. ...

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iLuv i1166 Portable Media Player Launches Next Month


We all know that the iPod family, with the noted exception of the shuffle, is capable of playing video content. However, even when you step up to the bigger screen of an iPod touch or iPhone, the display still isn’t really big enough to enjoy longer movies and television shows. Enter the iLuv i1166 to address this very concern, especially ...

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Yinlips PMP Boasts Integrated 80-Inch Projector


It seems that integrated projectors will soon become all the rage. We’ve already seen their implementation in a digital camera and now it seems that a personal media player will be getting an integrated projector too, making it so much easier to share pictures and videos with the people around you. Yinlips is a manufacturer based out of Shenzhen in ...

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