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Mastercard’s New Credit Card has LCD Display


Security flaws and breached accounts are a big issue when it comes to banking, and many banks take sturdy routes to avoid this, but usually ends up with the public using complicated methods to ensure the safety of their bank account.

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Google Partners with MasterCard, Citigroup to Develop NFC Payment Scheme


The Google Nexus S has a near field communications (NFC) chip in it, so you know that Google is interested in pursuing this technology for a variety of purposes. The most obvious application is mobile payments and it looks like the search engine has just made its next big move on this front, buddying up with MasterCard and Citigroup to make it happen.

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Zoompass Tag turns your Canadian cell phone into a touchless MasterCard

Swipe your ZoomPass tag module to make a transaction.

It sounds very similar to some systems you may have seen overseas, but it seems that the "use your cell phone as a payment system" technique is being fully transferred over to the Canadian marketplace. Following up on Zoompass from EnStream is the new Zoompass Tag.Bell Mobility, Rogers, and Telus are all on board with this new technology, since they are a part of the joint venture known as EnStream LP

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