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Advances in Nuclear Fusion Could see Rockets Reaching Mars in Days Rather than Years

nasa nuclear fusion

NASA funded researchers are working on nuclear fusion technology, which could considerably speed up space travel and reduce costs in the future.

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Solar Conjunction Puts NASA Mars Exploration on Pause


Don't worry. NASA is going to keep exploring Mars and we're going to keep learning things about the red planet, but all of those operations will effectively be put on pause for a period of up to three weeks and we have the sun to blame.

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Dennis Tito Planning Mission to Mars for 2018


It looks like man might be making on small step for man and a giant leap for mankind once again, this time onto Mars, at least if American entrepreneur Dennis Tito has anything to say about it.

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First Ever Mars Bedrock Sample Collected by Curiosity Rover


Last summer, the Curiosity rover touched down on the Martian surface and space geeks from around the world, myself included, rejoiced at the accomplishment. That little rover has been roaming around on Mars for the last few months and now it has drilled a hole into the Red Planet and collected some bedrock.

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Curiosity Finds Metal-Like Object on Mars


Recently the Mars Curiosity Rover found something very interesting: a very small, shiny, metal looking object that appears to be sticking out of a rock.

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Video: Replica Of Curiosity Mars Rover- Made Entirely From Legos


NXT builders Doug Moran and Will Gorman have put together a working rover that can roam plastic terrain just like Nasa's own rovers- except one thing, this one is made of Legos.

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Recent Solar Flares Affect Mars Much More Severely Than Earth


Solar storms, as you know, head towards Earth once in a while to remind us about the Sun’s incredible power. The fast-moving clouds of charged particles reached our planet this week and we are extremely lucky to be on Earth and not on Mars. Studies show that the Earth’s magnetosphere makes sure that the planet is not too affected by solar storms.

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Nasa to send Man to Mars


Barrack Obama has been a busy man, as we all know. He’s had to deal with a country in recession, sliding dollar value and an expensive war overseas.With all this on his plate, he’s held his head high and accepted the Nobel Peace prize. And like any good politician, made grand promises he has absolutely no intentions of keeping. But SuperBama has another conquest on his itinerary.

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