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“Hand of Thief” Trojan Invades Linux Computers, Steals Bannking Info

130809-linux copy

A team of cyber-criminals from Russia have developed a Trojan for Linux and they're calling it the "Hand of Thief." As explained by security company RSA, the "Hand of Thief" malware is currently able to grab data from forms (both HTTP and HTTPS in a range of browsers) and it offers some backdoor capabilities

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Malware Alert: Fake Instragram App On Android


While Google Play "Android market" has certainly become more accurate in weeding out malware apps, the Android platform as a whole is still quite plagued by these attacks. The newest malware nuisance comes to us as a fake version of “Instagram”. Recently the real version hit the market, to much anticipation, and shortly after this fake version showed up to seize the opportunity.

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New SMS Malware Arrives On Android Disguised As A System Update


It seems that a new malware program, known as UpdtBot, has been discovered by NQ Mobile Security Research Center.

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Google Ups Security with Bouncer for Android Market


That's why Google has come forward to announce a new service called "Bouncer." Yeah, Android Market is the hippest night club in town and it's not going to put up with belligerant drunks and would-be thieves. Get out, buddy. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

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Biggest Android Malware Infection Ever, Says Symantec


We know Apple has a strangle hold on which apps make it to the App Store. That’s why Google is preferred by many developers since their apps have more of chance to see the light of day on Android Market. But this freedom appears to have helped malware makers as well. According to Symantec, millions of Android devices have been infected by malicious chunks of code called Android.Counterclank.

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Malware invades Android, Google working to tighten things up


Within all the barcode readers, music players and games on the market for Android software, beware, there may be apps that steal your online banking credentials and infect your phone.

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