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Asus Eee Pad to Enter Tablet PC Market?

So, the current expectation is that the Apple Tablet will be ready for primetime next March or April. It has the potential of really changing the market, much like what the Cupertino crew were able to achieve with the Apple iPhone. Well, it seems that Mac won’t be the only way to go. There are already a handful of UMPCs ...

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Rumor: Get Ready for Apple Tablet in Spring 2010

It’s the rumor that just won’t die, because it’s the rumor that keeps picking up more steam. The world is already pretty stoked about the iPhone 3GS, MacBook Pro, and other products coming out of Cupertino, but we want more. Are you ready for a Mac Tablet? Well, it sounds like you may only have three or four more months ...

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Michael Arrington’s CrunchPad Bites the Dust?


By now, many of us have heard of Michael Arrington of TechCrunch. Many of us are already familiar with his website, but perhaps more importantly, we’ve come to know a thing or two about his CrunchPad project. The idea is that he wanted to make a functional tablet at a more affordable price. Well, it seems that project could be ...

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Windows 7 to Power Microsoft Courier Tablet PC

Many people, myself included, are very interested in what Apple has up its sleeve for the so-called iPad Tablet, but the boys and gals in Redmond have a few tricks up their sleeve too. We caught our first glimpse at the Courier Tablet a short while ago, but now we have a few more details surrounding the upcoming Microsoft product. ...

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Latest Mac Tablet Rumors Point Toward 9.6-inch Touchscreen

The team in Cupertino has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of a MacBook Touch, but we’re sure hearing a lot of rumors about a supposed Apple Mac Tablet of sorts. It seems to make sense for Apple to release what is effectively a giant iPod touch and this latest rumor places it right in the thick of the netbook ...

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Get Ready for Bigger Mac Tablets from Apple Too

Even though the team in Cupertino has yet to confirm the existence of a true Mac Tablet, we’re reasonably certain that Apple will have a large touchscreen handheld for us some time in the near future. The assumption up until this point is that it’d be a 10-inch device to slot between the iPod touch and the regular MacBook. “Reliable ...

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Apple Rep Leaks Insider Info on Mac Tablet

Even though no one in Cupertino will say anything officially about this, I think it’s pretty safe to say that we will indeed to be seeing a new Apple Tablet some time soon. In fact, the current rumors are pushing toward a release before the end of the year and it could prove be as much of a game-changer as ...

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Apple MacBook Touch Tablet PC with 3G Wireless Broadband?


Even though the team in Cupertino is keeping pretty tight-lipped about the possibilities of a large iPod touch, we’re still hearing all sorts of rumors about the so-called MacBook Touch. To further add to our interest, we are now hearing that it’ll come with 3G data connectivity for true wireless freedom. As you may recall, the device would likely slot ...

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