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Newly Discovered Bug Crashes Almost Every OS X App


According to Open Radar, a newly filed bug report has shown Mac users that the potential to crash the majority of apps on OS X can be found by simply typing a line of text.

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Macintosh Portable running OSX, Well Sort Of


Still, sometimes it is nice to go retro as well. That's what makes this new Macintosh Portable hack so interesting.

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Axon Haptic tablet comes with no OS, $750 pre-orders now on

Axon Haptic tablet is more like a computer, than a tablet

The tablet, get this, ships without an OS pre-installed. It's totally up to you what operating system you want to load onto the beast, assuming that it is compatible with the hardware found inside. According to the devs, the internals should be good for "almost any OS," including Linux, Windows, and even OS X.

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