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CES: Swipe And Talk With The Luxa2 Lille Case For iPhone 4S


I know. Just another case, right? Considering that I'm here at the Consumer Electronics Show, I am quite literally surrounded by so many different cases that really aren't all that different from one another, but the Lille Case from Luxa2 actually takes a pretty interesting approach to answering your call.

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Luxa2 Sticky Stand Strong Enough to Hold Kindle DX


Do you remember the Luxa2 H1-Touch desktop cell phone holder that I reviewed some time back? I still have the blinging holder on my desk to this day, but its adjustable arms don’t reach far enough to accommodate larger devices like the BlackBerry Bold 9000. So, Luxa came up with a stickier solution. Instead of using those adjustable metal arms, ...

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REVIEW – LUXA2 H1-Touch Cell Phone Desktop Stand

REVIEW - LUXA2 H1-Touch Cell Phone Desktop Stand

A mobile phone is meant to be exactly that: mobile. We take our cell phones and smartphones with us everywhere we go, so it’s easy to get caught up in accessories that mesh with this type of mobile lifestyle. We look at cell phone cases, Bluetooth headsets, and the like. However, cell phones also serve their purpose at home and ...

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