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Spectacular Tornadoes Of Light (Photos)


Tornadoes of light by British photographer Martin Kimbell.

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CordLite for Apple Devices Lights Up Your Cable


We've all encountered this problem. You want to plug in your iPhone to charge, but it's dark and you can't see the port. The CordLite fixes that

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Scientists Develop Invisibility Cloak For Sound


A few years ago invisibility cloaks were just confined to fiction. Now, it is a reality with research going on in a number of countries. But most of the experiments are being done for making something invisible. But the scientists from Germany's Karlsruhe Institute of Technology decided to do something different, create an invisibility cloak for sound.

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The skinny on the slim Samsung Series 9 notebook


Just because you want a skinny laptop doesn't mean that you have no choice but to buy a MacBook Air. The latest PC alternative in this realm is the Samsung Series 9, joining the ranks of laptops like the Dell Adamo.

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