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LG Touch 10 Monitor Uses Ten Fingers for Windows 8


If you recently upgraded to Windows 8 and find your lack of touchscreen capabilities frustrating, you might be interested in the LG Touch 10. It's a 23-inch montior with full touchscreen tech. In fact, it is able to support up to ten contact points at the same time.

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Is a Web OS Smart TV is in the works by LG?


So what ever happened to WebOS? HP's WebOS certainly never managed to do all that well in the marketplace but it was still not a half-bad OS in reality. Luckily it has continued to live on as an open source project.

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Carphone Warehouse Puts Up LG Nexus 4 Preorder Page Early


Looking forward to the LG Nexus 4? We actually know quite a bit about the phone, considering Google has yet to confirm its existence. Now it seems that the UK phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has put up an official-looking pre-oder page for the device.

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LG, Samsung and Pantech Both Promise 1080p Smartphones by mid-2013


There aren't a ton of 1080p smartphones out there yet, but we do have the HTC J Butterfly and the upcoming Chinese-market Oppo Find 5. Hoping for more devices that support true HD in the near future? Your wish is about to be granted.

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LG Optimus G coming to AT&T


While LG doesn't build bad hardware, it is generally far from “cutting edge”. This is probably why the LG Optimus G is such refreshing change. The Optimus G has great specs and a reasonable $199.99 price tag with a two-year contract via AT&T.

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LG Nexus Rumors Continue, Alleged Screenshots Surface


The LG Nexus rumor is one that seemingly won't go away. Does that mean it is true? Probably, but there are no guarantees until we have LG and Google confirmation. Today's LG Nexus gossip has to do with leaked photos of the alleged device.

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LG Optimus L9 comes to T-Mobile


Looking for an entry device with a reasonably large screen? For the most part, entry models tend to stick with single-core processors and 3-inch screens. The LG Optimus L9 from T-Mobile is a bit different.

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Is the Optimus G Also A Nexus Device?


There has been a lot of rumors about the next-gen Nexus smartphone of late. One camp claims that the rumored HTC phablet is going to be the next Nexus device.

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Rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Competitor: LG Vu 2


The Optimus Vu has recently made its way over the United States as the LG Intuition. This marks an occasion for Verizon, as it gives them their first phablet ever- though not for long as the Note 2 is eventually supposed to make its way to the Big Red.

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LG’s Super-Powerful Quad-Core Smartphone, the Optimus G, is Official


Last week saw the beginning of rumors about a new quad-core beast of a phone by LG, the Optimus G. Fast-forward to today and confirmation has finally landed. The Optimus G is expected to first get shown off at IFA, though LG officially announced it via a press conference.

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The Power of the Quad-Core Snapdragon is Coming to LG


Qualcomm has announced an upcoming partnership with LG involving the use of the Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor. At the moment, LG is keeping quite about its part in the the development, but rumors already have leaked about a phone that more than likely is going to be the fruits of this partnership.

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LG’s 1080p Super Retina Display Should Be for the iPhone 5


This super retina display LG was showing off at Display Week boasts a 1920 x 1080 resolution, an impressive 440 pixels per inch, and the crispest, smoothest RGB you've ever seen on a 5-inch screen.

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LG D1L Rumored To Have Built-In Wireless Charging


Korean website DDaily says that the handset boasts built-in wireless charging, a feature that will also be available with the Galaxy S III, if rumors are to be believed. According to the website, the D1L will be available in South Korea at the end of May via all the three major carriers, but no hints regarding its global availability.

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LG Flexible E-Paper Displays Now In Full Production


LG has announced that its six-inch XGA resolution Electronic Paper Display is in full production and on its way to the market in places like Europe within just a month.

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The Reason Why the New iPad’s Screen Is Still Made by Samsung


Apple and Samsung haven't exactly been on the friendliest of terms lately, continually flinging lawsuits at one another. Even so, they have this awkward relationship where Samsung is still one of Apple's biggest suppliers. And there's a reason for that.

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