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Hands-on with Lenovo LePad and U1 Hybrid dock


It has been almost one whole year since we last heard of the Lenovo U1 and it's only now that a real "hands-on" is being provided? Yes, I was able to fondle the alpha-level device at CES 2010, but it wasn't exactly market ready.

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Lenovo Android tablet waiting on release of Honeycomb


Everyone is getting into the tablet game these days and it seems to make the most sense to strike while the pan is hot. Lenovo doesn't think so. It's exercising a fair bit of patience and apprehensive caution, because it's not going to release a tablet device until some time next year.

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Be eco-friendly with Lenovo ThinkPad L Series laptops

Lenovo L412 and Lenovo L512 eco-friendly notebooks

According to the kind folks at Lenovo, their latest set of laptops are the "greenest on the market" while maintaining the high level of performance that users expect from a Lenovo. Here are the newLenovo ThinkPad L Series laptops.Consisting of the ThinkPad L412 and ThinkPad L512, the new L Series integrates the highest amounts of post consumer recycled content (up to 30 percent) in a commercially-available notebook today. The laptops are also shipped in nearly 100 percent recycled packaging.

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Palm to be purchased by HTC or Lenovo?


The Palm Pre was supposed to represent the resurgence of the company. The Palm Centro and Palm Treo were quickly losing market share, but the Pre was new, exciting and innovative. Unfortunately, it seems that it wasn't quite as big a success as Palm had hoped.As such, there are rumors going around that Palm is available for sale and it already has two very interested suitors. Even though these acquisition rumors are just that -- rumors -- the Palm stock price shot up about 10% today based on the news.

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Save $900 on Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 laptop


Ever since the company picked up the ThinkPad business from IBM, Lenovo has been able to find a very comfortable spot for itself among the business market. However, business-oriented notebooks tend to cost more than their consumer-oriented counterparts. Thankfully, there's a huge sale going on.If you go to the official website, you'll find that the Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 notebook is on sale for $900 off its regular price of $1988. That brings your net price down to just $1088, representing almost 50% in savings.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet released and reviewed


Lenovo today unveiled their ThinkPad X201 tablet laptop, what they claim to be the industry’s fastest ultraportable, and also the thinnest and lightest ThinkPad yet.

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Can’t Decide Between Tablet or Netbook? Have Both!


The Apple Tablet (or “iSlate” if you prefer) is probably going to be announced later this month, but it will likely still “restrict” you to a touchscreen only experience. What if you want to have a full keyboard to use at times? It seems that the Lenovo U1 overcomes this very concern by combining a netbook with a removable tablet ...

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Qualcomm Snapdragon Chip Powers Lenovo Skylight


Sure, all of those netbook guys seem to be pretty happy with Intel Atom and they’re yelling out all sorts of cheers for Pine Trail, but that doesn’t mean that Qualcomm is going to sit idly by on the sidelines. Ushering in one of the first real entries into the emerging smartbook category is the Lenovo Skylight. Just as netbooks ...

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