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Apple iPhone 6 Backplate Leaked?


Apple iPhone 6 leak.

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Jimmy Lin’s iPhone 6 Leak Is Reportedly Genuine


Jimmy Lin's iPhone 6 should be quite similar in design to the final iPhone 6 from Apple.

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Apple iPhone 6 Leaked Again


The iPhone 6 appears to be longer than the iPhone 5S.

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New LG Optimus G2 Images Surface, Shows Strange Volume Button Placement


A new leak is pointing towards an LG Optimus G2 with a buttonless front and volume buttons on the back. The device could also be named as the LG G2.

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Google Now Headed to iOS and PC’s?

Google now ios

Google Now is one of Jelly Bean's great features, but this might not be the case for much longer as rumours suggest a PC and iOS version is on the way!

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Alleged iPad 5 case suggest iPad Mini style redesign

ipad 5 case leaked

Purported iPad 5 case suggests an iPad Mini inspired redesign is in strore for the 9.7-inch Apple tablet.

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HTC One, aka M7, rendering leaked

htc one press shot

More alleged leaked renderings appear. Is this Blackberry Z10 looking device really the new HTC One?

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Video Teaser of Windows Phone 7.8 Update on Nokia Lumia 900

windows 7.8

Building anticipation for the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 release, a video that appears to be an early release of the Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade on a Nokia Lumia 900 has been leaked.

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Apple Genius Internal Training Manual Leaked


If you've ever wondered what it takes to earn the title of "Apple Genius," you don't have to wonder much longer; the internal training manual has been leaked onto the Internet.

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Nokia Leaks Six New Mobile Phone Names


The six devices are the Nokia 510, Nokia Belle 805, Nokia Lumia 910, Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 950, and Nokia Lumia 1001.

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Leaked Front Panel Reveals iPhone 5 with 4-Inch+ Screen?


It has been the general consensus among most people that the "next iPhone" will have a larger display, but now we've got some physical evidence to back that claim. This "leaked" front panel is coming by way of one of Apple's suppliers.

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Samsung Galaxy S 3 To Arrive in May? Photos “leaked”


The Apple iPhone 5 is certainly a much anticipated device, and so is the Samsung Galaxy S 3. We have already heard a lot of rumors regarding the upcoming Android handset and what you see above is thought to have come from a public relations PowerPoint file. Is that really the S3 we have been waiting for all this while? We believe it is most probably a fake.

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Leaked iPhone 5 pic is fake, but Apple might reuse iPhone 4 camera

iphone5 leak is fake

Earlier today we were told that the leaked picture above was the battery and the camera module of the iPhone 5. Internal components like these may not be too exciting to most, but they do reveal something quite interesting. Now it's been revealed by Kyle Wiens from iFixit that the photo is actually of an iPhone 4 module, not the iPhone 5, and was recognized as such by the iPhone 4 upon connection and usage. Still, Apple could be using the same camera for the iPhone 5.

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Leaked: BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 Features Color-Coded Contacts


It looks like a leak of BBM 6.0 has made its way onto the web and it comes with a few colorful new features that your current BlackBerry Messenger may not have. One of the most notable changes is the inclusion of color-coding your contacts.

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Images of Verizon iPhone leaked, immediately debunked


A few hours ago images of what appeared to be the Verizon-bound version of the Apple iPhone 4 surfaced on the Internet. They looked like they could have been legitimate, complete with a slight redesign over the existing GSM model, but it seems that these were a fake all along.

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