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Northrop Grumman Tests Out New 13.3 kW ‘Gamma’ Laser Cannon


From Star Wars blaster rifles, to lightsabers, and photon torpedos, the idea of using a laser as a weapon has certainly been popular in the realms of science fiction. In reality though? The idea has always been one that scientists have been receptive of, but too many limitations have, up until now, kept it from truly being used beyond medicine and industry.

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BAE to fight pirates with laser cannons


No, their not going to get some sharks and mount frickin laser beams on their heads. Instead, it seems that BAE Systems has developed a non-lethal laser that will act as a "deterrent" against pirate attacks on commercial vessels, like the ones that usually serve as targets for the aforementioned Somali pirates (and others of that ilk).

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